Preventive Dental Care

Protect your pearly whites.

Comprehensive Exam

Here’s to hoping your exam involves a lot of chit chat and not a lot of dental chat. But if it does, we are here to help.

Oral Cancer Screening

Easy to cure when treated early and devastating when treated late, oral cancer is the staple overall health exam that a dentist performs for you.

Digital Imaging

Extremely low dose x-rays and transillumination make digital imaging the best choice for conservative dental care.

Cleanings and Preventive Dentistry

A cleaning: the opportunity for your hygienist to tell you all about her adorable puggle.

Bleeding Gums and Gum Disease

Bleeding gums are not normal and they can be stopped!

Children’s Dental Care

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy and developing good habits could end up being one of the best gifts you can give them as a parent.

Dental Emergencies

Quick and easy resolution with honest, affordable solutions to your emergency.

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