Comprehensive Exam

It’s time for your check up!

We’re here to keep your smile healthy.

Also known as a comprehensive oral evaluation or dentist check-up, exams are most effective and preventative when they are completed every six months.  Routine exams (also known as periodic oral evaluations) at Paloma Dental are designed to save you time, money and pain that comes with tooth decay and infections that go at first go unnoticed. Just like heart disease, tooth and gum disease is slow to develop and only hurts when it is at a severe stage.

Paloma Dental emphasizes preventative treatment for patients to ensure healthy teeth for life. Once you become a patient with us, we are fully accessible via phone, text, or email to answer any questions you have. Dr. Bassett believes that accessibility to questions that pertain to your personal situation is the best care you can receive, and encourages patients to contact her any time of the day to answer questions they may have.

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