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Periodontal Services in Denver

Periodontics is a subcategory of dentistry focused on the structures that support the teeth including the gums and bones. The need for periodontic treatment has become more common due to the widespread prevalence of periodontitis, also known as gum disease. This condition is marked by infection and inflammation of the gums, often causing them to appear noticeably swollen.

Periodontitis occurs when the gums experience irritation due to exposure to the toxins found in plaque. As the condition progresses, the gums will start to retract from the teeth creating empty voids known as periodontal pockets. These are prone to infection with plaque and bacteria. When this happens, the condition can quickly spread throughout the mouth and eventually cause tooth loss and bone deterioration if not treated. At Paloma Dental, we urge our patients to seek treatment as soon as possible. We offer several types of periodontal services in order to stop the spread of gum disease and to reverse any damage.

Scaling and Root Planing

This non-surgical treatment for gum disease involves using special tools to remove plaque, tartar and toxins that have accumulated above and below the gum line. Scaling focuses on eliminating any plaque on the surface of the teeth and on the root surfaces. Planing involves smoothing out any rough spots on the root surfaces to prevent reoccurrence. This treatment is usually highly effective in stopping gum disease and helping the gums heal.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a regenerative procedure that uses artificial bone-like materials and proteins to encourage new bone growth in the jaw. These materials are applied directly to deteriorated bone to regenerate the structure. We often recommend a bone grafting procedure when a patient has experienced tooth loss, but the jawbone is too weak to support dental implants.

If you believe you are suffering from gum disease, it is important to treat it right away. Contact us today at (720) 440-7743 to set up your appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"Hadn't been to a dentist in two years because the last dentist I went to was a creep. Dr. Alex put me right at ease, and the whole staff is wonderful. I have never had a more thorough cleaning or quicker and more painless filling. Love the little camera that let me see a picture of exactly what was wrong with my old filling that needed to be replaced. So happy to have compassionate and cutting edge care in the neighborhood."

Sara O.

"Always nervous trying to find a new dentist/doctor, but Doctor Bassett made me feel so comfortable. Very fast and caring response whenever I had any trouble with a horribly pain pull front tooth. Explained things clearly in ways I could understand, and treats you like a human not just another patient to get through. The staff is also extremely nice and helpful. I can't reccomend Paloma/Doctor Bassett/ her staff enough. It doesn't hurt that the waiting room is super comfy either. If you live in or around Denver come here!"

Jacob K.

"Dr. Alex and her team are awesome! Alex was kind, knowledgeable and patient. I took my five year old son for an initial exam and was very impressed with the entire process. She easily accommodated him and provided headphones so he can watch Netflix while she was doing her thing. The office is located in the RiNo neighborhood with plenty of street parking. I would recommend this office to anyone."

Irving P.
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