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Inlays and Onlays in Denver

When a tooth suffers mild to moderate damage that is too extensive to be treated with a traditional filling, but a full dental crown is not necessary, we often recommend an inlay or onlay. These restorations are also known as indirect fillings because they are created outside of the mouth in a dental laboratory, and then bonded to the tooth. This is in contrast to a traditional filling which is applied directly to the tooth.

An inlay is used for damage on the chewing surface that is located between the points or cusps of the tooth. An onlay is more extensive and covers at least one of the cusps of the treated tooth.

There are many advantages to inlays and onlays when compared to traditional fillings:

  • They are durable, lasting up to 30 years.
  • They help to strengthen teeth by up to 75 percent.
  • They prolong tooth life and prevent the need for future treatment.

When receiving an inlay or onlay, anesthesia will be used. The dentist will remove any old fillings and/or decay on the tooth. An impression will be taken which will be sent to the laboratory where your custom restoration will be created. Once it is complete, it will be cemented into place where it will blend in to achieve a natural, uniform appearance.

To learn more about inlays, onlays and other types of high-quality restorations, give us a call today at (720) 440-7743 to set up an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"Hadn't been to a dentist in two years because the last dentist I went to was a creep. Dr. Alex put me right at ease, and the whole staff is wonderful. I have never had a more thorough cleaning or quicker and more painless filling. Love the little camera that let me see a picture of exactly what was wrong with my old filling that needed to be replaced. So happy to have compassionate and cutting edge care in the neighborhood."

Sara O.

"Always nervous trying to find a new dentist/doctor, but Doctor Bassett made me feel so comfortable. Very fast and caring response whenever I had any trouble with a horribly pain pull front tooth. Explained things clearly in ways I could understand, and treats you like a human not just another patient to get through. The staff is also extremely nice and helpful. I can't reccomend Paloma/Doctor Bassett/ her staff enough. It doesn't hurt that the waiting room is super comfy either. If you live in or around Denver come here!"

Jacob K.

"Dr. Alex and her team are awesome! Alex was kind, knowledgeable and patient. I took my five year old son for an initial exam and was very impressed with the entire process. She easily accommodated him and provided headphones so he can watch Netflix while she was doing her thing. The office is located in the RiNo neighborhood with plenty of street parking. I would recommend this office to anyone."

Irving P.
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