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Helping others is our passion.

“Do not what is best for the business. Do what is best for the people the business serves.”

When Dr. Alexandra Bassett imagined her own dental office, she imagined a place where community flourished. As a place where everyone is cared for regardless of their interests, background, or story, the dental office is an ideal place to foster a sense of community in a neighborhood. One of the most important characteristic of any doctor, she believes, is a love for giving, helping others around you, and treating all with respect, gentleness, and kindness.

To support the Rino community, Paloma Dental does more than just do business in it. Dr. Bassett puts a priority on giving to non-profit causes. We are always looking for new local charities to contribute toward, and would love to hear about who you think needs the support!

Beloved Community Village

Beloved Community Village is a local tiny house community that houses people experiencing homelessness. As a service to its residents, Dr. Bassett offers them free dental services to help assist in their own communal development.

Rino Art District

Dr. Bassett is a member of the Rino Art District, supporting the organization’s efforts to keep the communal aspect of Rino strong.

Access Fund

Dr. Bassett is a small business sponsor of the Access Fund, an organization that preserves and protects natural areas in America, often by directly purchasing them.

The Annual Smile Makeover

Dr. Bassett also performs a free smile makeover to a community member every year to help support the health and self-love that every community needs. If you know of a person who is in need of a life-changing smile, please email us at hello@palomadental.org to learn more.

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