Tooth-Colored Fillings in River North, Colorado

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Inconspicuous Fillings for
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Cavities are a common but treatable problem experienced by many in the RiNo area. Fortunately, Paloma Dental offers a natural-looking alternative to noticeable silver fillings.

What is a cavity?

Cavities are caused by food and bacteria left on the tooth that develops into acid and erodes the protective part of the teeth. They can be caused by poor hygiene or high-sugar diets, and are treated by fillings which help restore and strengthen the tooth. Dr. Bassett and Paloma Dental offers expert care to those in the River North area looking for worry-free solutions.

Why should I consider tooth-colored fillings?

Silver amalgam fillings have been used for decades, but can be more damaging to the tooth over time. It eventually weakens and shifts with heat and age, leading to more required work on the tooth. Many of Dr. Bassett’s patients in the River North area choose white composite fillings, or tooth-colored fillings, as they are safe and inconspicuous, leaving you confident in your smile.

What can I expect during a filling?

Dr. Bassett takes great care to ensure her RiNo patients have a positive, relaxing experience. Paloma Dental offers Netflix and other streaming services to patients in order to cover sound and provide an entertaining distraction from what can often be an uncomfortable and nerve-wracking treatment. Dental work requires a great deal of trust in your dentist, and Dr. Bassett provides the best.

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