Patients in the RiNo and Denver communities looking for cosmetic dental solutions can look to Dr. Bassett and Paloma Dental for cosmetic bonding procedures.

What is cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic dental bonding uses composite resin to correct imperfections in the teeth, including discoloration, chips or cracks, gaps between teeth, and size differences. Dr. Bassett will select a putty-like resin close to the natural color of your teeth and apply it using adhesives, then cure and harden it with a high-intensity light.

Why should I choose cosmetic bonding?

This cosmetic procedure with Dr. Bassett is a great alternative to veneer procedures since it is not permanent and can be reversed. It is also the least expensive of the many dental cosmetic procedures available to the RiNo community. Cosmetic bonding can also be done in conjunction with other procedures to ensure a confidence-boosting smile that lasts for years. Dr. Bassett and Paloma Dental in River North can help you determine the best way to brighten your smile in a customized consultation.

Does cosmetic bonding hurt?

Cosmetic bonding in the RiNo and Denver area does not require any downtime or disruption of eating or drinking habits. Unlike veneers, however, cosmetic bonds are susceptible to stains over time, so be sure to clean and maintain them regularly. The resin material is not as strong as natural teeth, so be careful not to bite or chew on hard surfaces because this can damage the bonds. This pain-free procedure available to the River North area is simple, non-permanent, and can easily fit your busy schedule with a single visit.

If you are in the River North or Denver community and are interested in cosmetic bonding procedures with Dr. Bassett and Paloma Dental, contact our office to request an appointment.

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